Video Marketing

Engage with video and here's why.

I'm a big fan of video marketing in other words using short videos to sell your product or service. There a number of ways to make videos but equipment or expense or both should not be a barrier to getting videos out there.

Google loves video as it shows you are putting an effort it to connect with people and making your video's content compelling will help with your search engine ranking.

There are many different styles of video such as How To's, interviews, product demonstrations and explanations, happy-client testimonials and even humourous videos that get your audience engaged.

Video creation does not have to be a major production - get on to it and get it out there as fast as you can and learn from the response you get. You need a lot of videos to be successful. One company video is not enough and will probably bore the pants of people.

You need to be human by being engaging and real and have real opinions even if your a large corporate.

Video is great on any mobile devices and sometimes easier to follow than screeds of text so video your company like crazy from the CEO to the fork lift driver in the warehouse.

Interview your staff explaining what their role is and why they like working there. Get your clients telling everyone how brilliant you are. Interview your mother and get her opinion about your company and the right product.

Constant engagement gets easier the more you use video and everyone involve gets used to it.

Don't be shy - video is a brilliant marketing opportunity. Let's all go viral I say!