Top 5 Web Tips: How To Choose A Web Developer in 2017

Web developers come in all sorts of variations so its important to understand what you need to look out for. Here are my tips on choosiung a web developer that will help grown your online presence.

  1.  Be careful of what you are paying for.

    If your web developer has fancy offices, an amazing reception area complete with receptionist and herbal-infused tea then you will be contributing to those overheads. This is unnecessary as most web developers should be frugal with their business because to operate we don't need very much at all - a cave with internet connection will do. Therefore choose a web developer than doesn't need a shop front to impress you and this should mean they won't charge as much.

  2.  Watch Out For The Prima Donna Geeks Types

    I recently read a web developer advertising the fact that they build websites from scratch - hand crafted was the term used. What a lot of nonsense and time/money wasting. It's not about how the site is built but how effective your site is and the return you get. Look out for those moody programmer types that are great coders but lack marketing or people skills - very challenging and frustrating.

  3.  Be careful of what you are paying for - Part 2

    Many web developers want you to spend as much as possible with them creating a website and then move on to the next website. Setting you up with an incredibly designed  website full of  all the bells and whistles is not going to help build your business and create the online success you are looking for. Marketing your site is the key and this takes time so is your website developer asking the right marketing questions of you or aren't they really that interested.

  4.  How Is Your Web Developer Marketing Their Business

    I've checked out my competition and often I see them not marketing their websites at all. No fresh content or helpful tips to guide clients, no call to actions in fact their sites resemble an online brochure that's all about how clever they are.

  5. Content Is King.

    Fresh content is king on any website - Google loves it and so do people looking to buy from you. Constant content creation is difficult and your web developer should show you smart and cost effective ways of creating fresh content and making it search engine optimised. If your web developer expects you to provide everything on a platter without helping you then it becomes a barrier to your online success!


    Don't get your nephew or your partner's second cousin to do your site for you. Most great web developers keep abreast of all web technologies and do so everyday. They are involved, engaged and have great networks where knowledge is shared. Remember you do need to fork out but only on the proviso that you get a return. I like to work with clients so their website pays for itself so I sleep better at night time.

    If you need any kind of web development help especially with getting a return and growing your business then contact me today.

    I look forward to your online success.

    Warmest Regards

    Duncan McAdams
    0466 309 020