How Many Sales Or Enquiries Are You Getting From Your Website?

You should be getting business from your website it's as simple as that!

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The No B.S. Approach To Getting Your Website Working For You!

So you have a website eh? You have had it for a while but you get nothing from it and the damn thing just sits there like a disused bus stop. I understand your frustration and plan on showing you how to get the best results from your website and turn it into a marketing and selling, profit making asset for your business. How much does that interest you?

Your website should be generating regular enquiries or your ecommerce store should be selling like crazy it's a simple as that. It takes energy, know-how and commitment to make it all work. How ready are you to start nailing it online?

The Top Seven Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Right Now!

If you are a business owner or in charge of a website and are really keen to see a return I bet you have a few questions like these that need answering:

  • How do I get more regular enquiries from my website?
  • How do I sell more products online?
  • Where do I effectively advertise and promote my site?
  • Google Ads, SEO, SEM, eDM, blah, blah - please explain?
  • How does social media really work without the hype?
  • Where are the hidden online opportunities no one is telling me about?
  • What is this 'new' digital marketing anyway??

The best results I have ever had online have always been over a period of time. Building awareness, creating compelling content, giving people a reason to come back for more or having an amazing offer that gets people to respond (or a combination of these).

A website shouldn't be a set and forget, tick that "we have a website" box mmm glad now that's over. Your website is a marketing tool and it's crazy to miss out on the marketing opportunities available that a well run website can give you and your business.

If you need help and guidance then contact me today but be aware I'm a be choosy as to who I help as my time is limited. If you're success-driven like me we could be the right fit. Call me now and let's see: Duncan McAdams Ph: 0466 309020


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