Top #5 Web Tips: How To Maximise Your Homepage

Your websites homepage needs to be optimised so the visitor gets the most value you from it. You want people to contact you or buy something and that needs to be made as simple and as obvious as possible so here are my Top Five Tips

  1. Headlines

    Always use a great, compelling headline on your home page to make it clear to people what you have on offer and "yes" they are in the right place. The headline in most copy is there to lead someone on to the next part of your sales copy then onto a subhead and so on. Guiding clients to eventually buy or inquire.

  2. Call To Action

    In any sales situation you have to get people to act and the same goes for youyr home page. Click here to buy, to download free stuff, to register, to call us - always, always direct your clients to the sale.

  3. Benefits verse features

    The features are normally always about your products or services and the benefits are what a client will get from purchasing. Its ok to have features but focus heavily on the benefits to your customers - its all about them remember and their desires, wants and needs.

  4.  Make It Easy To Get In Touch

    Often I go to websites and I want to contact someone but all I get is a form to fill out on the contact page. If you are a small to medium business you must engage with your clients and let them call you, email you send a friggin pigeon and welcome the inquiry or sale. Make it easy for people to get in contact or you could be missing out.

  5. Your Navigation Is There To Navigate

    Sometimes you only have seconds before a visitor to your site will click away. This means your site layout needs to be obvious and easy for any visitor to find their way around your site. Don't do the clever cloggs big image thing where the menu is hidden making a visitor work. Never let the design of your website overtake the ease of use.


Lastly make your visitor a compelling offer. Give away a freebie, sample, voucher, buy one get one free opportunity, opt in and win... whatever it is but give, give, give...

Yes I'm trying to turn you into a marketing guru!

If you need a hand - contact me NOW!

Warmest Regards


Duncan McAdams
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