search engine optimisation tips

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

My Top#5 SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Tips Here are  some great tips from my good mates Yos William and Luke Martinez  Keyword Research Check out the search terms (or keywords) that people are using with … Read more

Homepage Tips For Your Website

Top #5 Web Tips: How To Maximise Your Homepage Your websites homepage needs to be optimised so the visitor gets the most value you from it. You want people to contact you or buy something and that … Read more

choosing a web developer

Web Developers – Choosing The Right One For You

Top 5 Web Tips: How To Choose A Web Developer in 2017 Web developers come in all sorts of variations so its important to understand what you need to look out for. Here are my … Read more

planning your website

How To Plan Your Website

As with everything in life it’s nearly always a good idea to think of your end goal and work backwards. Here’s a few tips for you: Who is your target audience? This needs to be … Read more