My Top#5 SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Tips

Here are  some great tips from my good mates Yos William and Luke Martinez

      1.  Keyword Research

        Check out the search terms (or keywords) that people are using with these keyword research tools

        Check out this great article on the various keyword research products: Robbie Richards: best-keyword-research-tool

      2.  Meta Titles

        Meta titles of your web pages that Google picks up. Very important for search engine results and social media presentation.
        Make sure your keywords are at the front of your title, include a location if that's important to your business and your company name.

        More information can be found here:

      3.  Meta Description

        Add you telephone number especially to your meta description (especially on your homepage) if calls are important to your business. Making it easy for people to contact you straight away is good marketing.

        Here's a great write up on good meta description use: meta-descriptions

      4.  Don't Over Use Keywords

        There are no quick fixes or cheating with Google and so overusing keywords will just get you a poor ranking. Plus as a searcher it's annoying when you come across text that simply there for ranking purposes rather than adding real value. Use synonyms or words that are similar to your keywords but make your copy worthy.

      5. Register your Business Page With Google

        Get at least 5 good clients to write a review of your business. Good reviews are social proof that you know what you are doing and provide an excellent service.

        Find out more here: Google: My Business

        #BONUS TIP - Use social media as it helps with search results especially with your profile but focus more on producing great content that drives people to your site.

        #BONUS TIP 2 - It always comes down to great content so list your services for sure on your website but create pages for each of those services with as much content as possible.

        Google loves great content! I can't emphasise it enough.

        All the best with your SEO

        Duncan McAdams
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