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My soul aim is to help you with your online success!

duncan mcadams web developerIt's scary when you look back and realise you've been doing something for over 15 years without giving much thought to it at all. That's what it's been like for me and websites. For many years I ran a highly successfully marketing company that also did websites - marketing and sales websites as part of a suite of services. Website production that was lean and mean but delivered results.

The one thing that has changed with websites is the web production side of things has gotten a lot easier and far more accessible. This is due to the less complex requirements of mobile devices and the need for responsive websites to make sure they work from your desktop through to your smartphone and tablet. Another brilliant improvement is the availability of a vast array of plugins and service provider sites that provide cost effective (or even free) functionality that can help improve the service you can provide for your clients.

The thing that hasn't changed with websites is marketing the site and this requires relevant content. "Relevant " is the most import word here. As I've said to clients many times "We aren't here to please Google, we are here to make our content match what people are searching for. If your content and marketing are crap, guess what? Your results will be crap. Many times I see vague attempts at blogging from 3 years ago or a site that is difficult and clumsy or a website that just states "here's what we do" and hasn't been updated in years.

It's difficult for a business owner to deal with a website and market the site so it gets a return as they are often too busy doing the business. Then they get bombarded by our foreign friends offering SEO this and magic-silver-bullet-that and a few locals trying it on as well. This has probably happened to you I'd imagine? And really what is this social media thing? Is it for business or just so I can check out the overseas relatives and watch some people do wacky challenges?

I work closely and exclusively with clients who are willing to stick it out and those who really do want return on their website and marketing. I take a "no bollocks" approach to everything, I can't be bothered with fluff and nonsense and sense that I might be being conned.  Business is hard work and there are no short cuts!

It does take time and somethings don't work but doing absolutely nothing brings you nothing eh? Success demands ACTION! You have to think smart, understand your clients buying motivations, give like a mad person and keep on friggin' doing it. You never stop putting your digital hand up, you keep on being involved and growing - that's good online business.

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Duncan McAdams

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"The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one's destiny to do, and then do it."  Henry Ford