How It Works

It's all about you and your clients!
with Duncan McAdams

McWeb offers a complete website production and marketing service in Geelong and the greater Geelong area including Lara, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, Queenscliff and Torquay. We  will also look after the country folk all the way to Warrnambool, Ararat and Ballarat.

We work with a series of elite, motivated clients over the long term and provide them with a full suite of web services. Most of the time this is marketing based and revenue driven. Instead of raving on about how much of a clever clogs we are it's more important to turn the spotlight back on you and discover what you require.

I'm assuming you need a new website or an upgrade/update to your existing website and help marketing your website so you get that return.

Website Production Introduction

For small to medium businesses I deal mostly with WordPress and Magento websites as they have the functionality you need but are also cost effective, responsive and easy for you or your staff to contribute to. I don't want to go too technical on you here but having a website structure that is just plain easy and robust for everyone involved allows you and your staff to focus on the far more important part of marketing your business.

Quoting is based upon your specific needs, the size and functionality required and your marketing goals. My emphasis is more on marketing your site, increasing conversion and without too much fanfare making your website profitable for you. The thought you have a shiny new website with no visitors keeps me awake at night and I really need my beauty sleep.

I don't mention pricing here because we probably haven't even met yet  and I'm into building solid business relationships that are mutually beneficial and this is how you build a referral based business. Sounds a bit cagey or avoiding the money issue? Not for me. In business I have no issue spending on services that garner the best value and I know the suppliers I carefully choose are on my team. We aren't always best buddies but there is trust and a quiet policy of looking out for each other that makes doing business less stressful. This is exactly what I want for you. I'll find out your ultimate goal and work backwards and make sure you are looked after and best of all I'll tell you exactly how it is!

Marketing And Maintaining Your Website

There is only one reason to have a website and that is to grow your business. There, we can all go home now that's understood! I read somewhere once that marketing is all about setting up an immediate sale or setting up for a future sale and that's where I do the best business. Whether you're a health service or selling widgets or whatever your business provides your website needs to produce results. I could go into all the SEO stuff, social media, Google rankings and blab on for hours and either bore you to tears or lose you somewhere along the way but you don't need that.

You need a strategy, a plan and a to-do list of actions. Often this will require enabling your staff to help and of course they need to know best practice.

Once you have a world class website I provide an ongoing, bespoke website marketing service  that will soon pay for itself - it has to otherwise it's wasting everyone's time and resources. I know it takes courage to commit but if you do then my sole goal is a successful website that helps achieve your business goals. I'm driven by success because it gives me a compelling story to tell - how about you?

Your next step is to navel gaze for a bit, really clarify what you want to achieve, makes sure you are willing to invest and commit to your future online success. 

What is your magical end goal?

How much do you want to grow your business in the next 12 months? What is your end goal? Selling your business to the highest bidder, leaving your business to your kids, growing your business to the absolute maximum it can be because that pushes your buttons? What is your motivation? This might sound grandiose for a simple website but you can get a simple website from a whole host of other sources. I'm into business building and I hope you are too! ... Are you?

Are you ready for the BIG sell?

Most of us think  marketing and selling is considered a bit icky or a chore or fear ridden and in fact only about 10% of people can do it unburdened without being control by these human frailties and fears of rejection. The problem is if we don't sell we won't be in business for very long so setting up a website without marketing is like setting up a shop, opening your doors  and hoping that people will come. I've never heard a successful business being built on hope before and as Gary Vaynerchuk relentlessly cries "It's All About The Hussle". Yes, no matter what type of business we are in we need to convince, cajole, entice, coax and sometimes bribe people to buy from us and then blow them away with incredible service so they refer us on to their inner circle(s) of influence. We need to work together to sell...are you ready for this?

Do you have the right 'TUDE?

I work best with business owners that are passionate, goal orientated, have the budget, really want to achieve online and are prepared for the long haul. Plus you must be willing to engage with an audience we create with you  or an existing group of qualified clients. We all need a group of raving fans. So are you ready? Well then we should be talking strategy and tactics. I look forward to helping you with your online success!

Duncan McAdams

Call me right now if you can't wait!  -  0466 309 020

"The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary."  Vidal Sassoon