Totally Wasted Skip Bin Hire

Paul Lambden from brilliantly named Totally Wasted Skip Bin Hire wanted a website update that ranked well against the competition and was easy to use.

People looking for large skip bins use Google to search rather than any other way such as using social media. Residential bin hire is normally a one-off affair so the site need optimisation and regular content to keep the rankings.

The Work

A simple site structure was implemented and the owner's (Paul) image was used to build immediate trust. you know exactly who you are dealing with. The site is also fully responsive so bookings can be made from mobile phones.


• Web design and brand implementation
• Server setup
• Graphic design & photography
• Social media integration
• Booking form
• Regular blogging



"I needed a brand new website as my old one was getting me no enquiries. In my business most of my sales come from Google searches so my site must rank well and attract enquiries. Duncan created a new site, optimised it and now it's paid for itself directly with bookings from the site. Every month Duncan updates the site (blogs) and monitors the rankings, freeing me up to focus on serving my clients.

To me this is real marketing. It's not costing a fortune and I'm getting profitable returns." Paul Lambden