Siles Health

Siles Health are a great client that specialise in women's health pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy offering a number of scanning and gynecological services including genetic counselling. This was a referral from my good friend James at Blue Flame IT who handles all their server requirements.

The Work

Siles Health required a complete reworking of their website including design, photography and content. Plus content for their social media pages (Including Google+ and Facebook) and an email marketing sequence dedicated to their referrers.

This also included a video interview of their esteemed leader Dr Charles Siles.This site and the off site initiatives are a work in progress with updates on the progress coming soon.


• Web design and implementation
• Server setup
• Graphic design & photography
• Video production
• SEO basics
• Social media integration



The site now boast a preganancy calculator that leads directly to a booking form. The site is averaging one booking per day from this calculator.

There are now referral forms for doctors to personally sign that convert to a pdf record for administration.

The website also contains a full length video for clients needing genetic counselling and the choices of scans available should there be any issues during pregnancy.

"We needed a new website that reflected our branding, had specific functionality and ranked well for our keywords. This also included a comprehensive social media presence.

Even though we are a medical service provider we still have to market our brand online and Duncan is our mini-marketing department. Our site is updated and constantly monitored and we are getting weekly bookings directly from the site."
Glenda Taylor