Lesley Bourke Real Estate

Lesley Bourke needed a website that her and her staff could easily updated regularly with new listing and rentals. The site also had to have a high-class, professional quality feel to it that represent Lesley Bourke Real estate well in such a competitive environment.

The Work

The site was taken over by McWeb from another developer who seemed to lack a real understanding of Lesley's requirements. A series of "How-To" videos were created so every time a property was listed that listing was search engine optimised when it was uploaded.

The site was set up as a working marketing tool and should rank well for the less popular locations immediately and increase it's ranking potential over time with the more popular locations due to the client's ability to control the back end.

Video testimonials of clients has also been produced.


• Web design and brand implementation
• Server setup
• Graphic design & photography
• Video production - corporate and testimonials
• SEO basics
• Social media integration
• How-To videos created
• Project management of programmers
• Extra functionality and template creation



"Duncan took over the design and optimisation of my website after my initial web person let me down big time. I'm proud of my site as it represents my company and my business philopsophy perfectly.

After only being up for three days I got my first rental enquiry and after five days my first appraisal... Fantastic work!"  Lesley Bourke