Banks & Co

Banks & Co are a Australian/New Zealand based company that has been trading for many years and is looking to engage further with the tourist markets. They sell a wide range of exclusive moisturisers, cleaners, candles, room diffusers and are masters of scent and perfume creation.

This is a medium size ecommerce site for retailing and a backend for wholesaling for distributors. The site is constantly growing as new products are developed and is now controlled in-house.

We also helped with the branding, design, databasing, product photography and updates and a gazillion other parts of the site to get it to a soft launch.

The site is now profitable with distributors being able to place orders in the backend and consumers ordering in the front end of the site.

If you need to sell products online there are many choices available that will effectively manage your online shop to save on your development costs so more can be used for online marketing.

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